"खेलों में भाग लेना सिर्फ जीवन नहीं, बल्कि जीवनशैली है।" - मिल्खा सिंह


In the ancient land of Bharat, long before the modern arenas and stadiums graced the landscape, the spirit of sports and athletic prowess thrived in the very essence of society. From the grand epics of the Mahabharata, we gather tales of valour, camaraderie, and the profound impact of sports on the human spirit. Today, as we look back upon the legacy of sports in India, we are reminded that the spirit of competition is not just about winning; it’s about the transformation of the self.

Amidst the bustling chaos of life, within the quiet corners of our hearts, we discovered an undying love for KRIDA (sports)—a passion that runs deep and stirs the soul. This profound affection served as a catalyst, igniting a fervent desire to carve a path of positive impact. It is this unwavering devotion that propelled us, the trustees of KRIDA Sports Charitable Trust, to create a sanctuary, where the shared passion for sports meets the aspirations of the dreamers, the believers, and the change-makers, shaping a narrative of transformation and empowerment.


We Believe in

Potential of Rural India and Our Resolve to Make a Difference There:

At the heart of KRIDA lies a deep recognition of the untapped potential nestled within the vibrant tapestry of Rural India. It is a realm brimming with untold stories of resilience, talent, and unyielding spirit. Through KRIDA, we are committed to igniting a transformative wave of change, one that empowers the youth, amplifies their capabilities, and provides them with the resources and opportunities they need to shine.

Universal Power of Sports to Lead a Movement of Learning, Connecting, and Growing:

With every game played, every challenge overcome, and every lesson imbibed, we strive to pave the way for a global movement driven by the transformative influence of sports—one that nurtures not just athletic excellence but also resilience, empathy, and a deep sense of belonging.

How We Intend to Do

We are dedicated to ensuring every child and aspiring athlete in India has an equal opportunity to pursue their sports dreams. Our mission involves organising grassroots tournaments, building community relationships, and establishing comprehensive training camps. We prioritize empowering youth, recognizing local talents, and providing access to high-quality facilities and equipment, irrespective of background.

KRIDA Sarthi program

Across various villages, appointing dedicated individuals (KRIDA Sarthi) who will ardently advocate for the inclusion and active participation of young people in our initiatives. These appointed facilitators will champion the cause of creating a secure and encouraging environment for all participants, fostering an inclusive and empowering atmosphere conducive to their holistic development.

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