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Who we are

We are a group of passionate individuals who firmly believe that sports should not be a mere passtime; it should be a way of life. It was with this belief that we embarked on a journey to create something that would redefine the very essence of sports. To us, sports is the foundation upon which all endeavours stand.


What We Intend to Do

"Our vision is to enhance rural sports and promote sports as a holistic way of life. We are committed to talent recognition, skill development, physical fitness, inclusivity, and the revival of traditional sports. Our mission is to provide opportunities for youth and encourage active participation while fostering a culture of sports excellence."

Ideal Top Priority Objectives

Promote Sports as holistic way of life
Skill Development
Talent Recognition
Promoting women in Sports and Sports for Differently Abled people.
Story So Far

In the heart of the serene village of Unchahar, Uttar Pradesh, the Unchahar Cup cricket tournament unfolded, uniting sixteen local teams in a spirited display of talent and sportsmanship. With expert training and diligent umpires, the event exemplified fairness and teamwork. Behind the scenes, dedicated volunteers fostered a supportive atmosphere, showcasing the power of community. The tournament ignited a lasting passion for sports in the villagers, leaving an indelible mark on Unchahar.

Following this success, KRIDA, with the help of appointed KRIDA Sarthi, will organise various programs to encourage youth participation, collaborating with local bodies and schools to uplift sports infrastructure in the region.

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